Sage X3 Version 12 – 6 Key Highlights in the Upcoming New Release!

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Sage has announced the upcoming release of Sage X3 – all new Version 12, which is expected to be out by year end. This article will highlight the key improvements we will see brought from version 11 to version 12.

User Interface –Responsive Design

  • A page layout that adapts automatically to the size of the screen (from a mobile to a desktop), taking into account the size of the fields and the corresponding titles to get the best use of the available space.
  • Works with all Sage X3 pages (including classic pages)
  • A simplified screen designer that replaces the previous authoring mode to adapt the field organization


What’s New in Sage X3 Version 12?

See the New Features in the Latest Release of Sage X3

New Features in Project Management

  • Multi projects consolidation in Financial overview
  • Financial snapshot and comparison
  • Global tree view of tasks and budgets assignments for a project
  • Task dependencies / Task operation dependencies
  • Project baseline snapshot
  • Graphical timeline of the task planning
  • KPIs (sales margin, budgets, commitments…)

Stock Valuation by Period Inquiry and Stock Valuation by Period Resync (Several enhancements have been made to support “Point in time” (PIT) reporting for stock valuation)
Stock valuation by period inquiry provides a summarized stock valuation by fiscal period using the new Stock valuation data model. Selection criteria includes a site, product, primary valuation method and lot to display the product cost by fiscal year and period. Information displayed in the inquiry grid will vary based on the selected valuation method. For example, when selecting a FIFO valuation method, the receipt date will display for each cost layer, and when selecting an Average lot cost method the Lot for each cost layer will display.

License Plate Support

  • Track various products attached to a license plate
  • Follow all internal stock movements of a license plate
  • Single/multiple product, single/multiple lot number; active or inactive
  • Create license plates on the fly or during receipt
  • Print labels per license plate
  • Enable license plate filtering on picking stock lines

Production Scheduler

  • Raw material availability
  • Link between WOs
  • Custom Planning view with new criteria


  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – new tools and documentation helping companies comply with GDPR
  • IFRS 16 Leases

Watch your inbox in the coming weeks for Net at Work webinars where we’ll review all the new features in more details of this latest release. For more information about Sage (X3) Enterprise Management Version 12 please contact us.