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For many, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) has been seen as a dated, cumbersome tool for logging contacts and notes – Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Sales has dramatically changed that.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s new take on user experience, collaboration, & simplification of common tasks results in better inputs that drive results while reducing the overall time spent by sales and marketing in the tool. Microsoft Dynamic’s ability to help deliver exceptional customer experiences, make customer engagement predictive, provide consistent, responsive service delivery and plan and implement smart multi-channel marketing, differentiates the tool.

Recorded Webinar

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Sage X3 / Sage 500

Modern Day Social CRM for Sage X3 / Sage 500!

Integrating your Sage X3 (Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management) system with Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a powerful way to streamline processes and save valuable time and resources. This ERP and CRM integration also prevents data entry errors, data inaccuracies and duplicate data entry.

On Wednesday the 15th of August, Net at Work is hosting a live webinar on Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Sage X3. Join this live webinar to see how coupled with integrated data from your Sage X3 ERP system, you can easily align the “front and back of the house” to see results such as:

  • Higher Conversion Rates – On leads and opportunities generated
  • Better Advanced Visibility into Demand – Control inventory and warehouse operations
  • Better Visibility into AR – Improve collections and cash cycle times
  • Improved Customer Service – Higher levels of first call close to reduce the cost of operations
  • Mobile Phone & Outlook / Office Integration – Out of the box and you have a solution that can change the way your sales organization works and the results they deliver

Integrating CRM and ERP system just makes sense. Connecting Microsoft Dynamics CRM to your Sage X3 system makes even more sense. Join our live webcast to find out why.