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The Alliance Partnership

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Sage Software has announced changes to their policies for Sage Fixed Assets (Sage FAS) Pre-Sales assistance for Sage partners effective October 20th, 2020.

If you have been utilizing Sage’s inside team to conduct demos, review technical requirements, or qualify calls for ERP integrations to name a few, you no longer have a contact within Sage to assist.  Sage Fixed Assets Partners are required to purchase and complete certifications for sales and implementations.

Net at Work is prepared to assist your team with any Sage Fixed Assets pre-sales needs.  We understand that you may only sell a handful of Fixed Assets clients a year, so getting certified may not be a great use of your time or money, but it is a very feature rich  product that adds to your recurring revenue each year.  We have a vast array of experience in every vertical, providing in depth Fixed Assets Analysis, Database Management Policies, and Assets Tracking Procedures.  I invite you to join the 50+ Sage partners already in our Partner Alliance community who all continue to experience success as Alliance members. Our Sage Advocate partners recently gave us a 100% on a partner satisfaction survey (85% satisfaction across all 200 Alliance partners).

Suzanne Pedone, Fixed Assets Practice Director, SME has over 24 years of experience with Sage Fixed Assets Depreciation, Tracking and CIP Project Planning.  Suzanne is a strong believer in the philosophy that the customer is the priority, and we do whatever it takes to provide answers, solutions, and knowledge, just as you would help a friend in need.

Here is some of the pre-sale Sage FAS support we can offer:

  • Sage FAS Product Demos
  • Sage FAS Technical Review
  • Sage FAS Product Overview Client Calls
  • Sage FAS in the Cloud Options

To better serve you, we have a dedicated a Sage Fixed Assets line: 1-877-208-1175, as well compiled a FAQ listed below.


Where can I receive a link to more Alliance partner information?
Visit the Net at Work Partner Alliance Program website for more information.

How long is the turnaround time to provide a demo?
Net at Work can typically schedule a demo within 24 hours.

Do you provide all the pricing and budget analysis?
Yes, Net at Work can provide all the pricing.

Is there a cost to participate?
No, there is no cost to participate.

Who do I contact to set up a call with a client?
Please contact Suzanne Pedone, Fixed Assets Practice Director, SME at Net at Work.