Unleash your Sage X3 Experience with the Power of the Cloud

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Sage X3 in the Cloud – join us for a look at Cloud Hosting Options for Sage X3 and why to migrate Sage X3 to the cloud in 2020.

In this informative webcast our Sage X3 team will pair up with our Sage X3 Hosting specialist to cover all the Sage X3 hosting and cloud-clarifying concepts you need to know as we begin the new decade of cloud-first solutions.

We will cover these topics around how you can change your Sage X3 experience using the cloud:

  • Why Migrate Sage X3 to the Cloud?
    How hosting Sage X3 in the cloud has a positive impact on:

    • Redundancy & Disaster Recovery
    • System Performance
    • Security
    • Consistency of Data and Reporting
  • What Sage X3 Cloud Hosting Options Look Like:
    Sage X3 Hosting Pricing models, architecture and design
  • The Sage X3 Cloud Options Available, including:
    • Moving your current Sage X3 to the cloud, or
    • Migrating your on-premise Sage X3 to a per-employee-per-month pricing model
  • Knowing Your Risk and Understanding Your Cost
    • What are the risks in moving Sage X3 to Cloud?
    • How to retain your investment (ROI)

Join us and learn more about Cloud Hosted Sage X3 and the best Cloud Hosting option for your Sage X3.