Unleash your Sage X3 Experience with the Power of the Cloud

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Sage X3 in the Cloud – join us for a look at Cloud Hosting Options for Sage X3 and why to migrate Sage X3 to the cloud in 2020.

In this informative on-demand webcast our Sage X3 team will pair up with our Sage X3 Hosting specialist to cover all the Sage X3 hosting and cloud-clarifying concepts you need to know as we begin the new decade of cloud-first solutions.

We will cover these topics around how you can change your Sage X3 experience using the cloud:

  • Why Migrate Sage X3 to the Cloud?
    How hosting Sage X3 in the cloud has a positive impact on:

    • Redundancy & Disaster Recovery
    • System Performance
    • Security
    • Consistency of Data and Reporting
  • What Sage X3 Cloud Hosting Options Look Like:
    Sage X3 Hosting Pricing models, architecture and design
  • The Sage X3 Cloud Options Available, including:
    • Moving your current Sage X3 to the cloud, or
    • Migrating your on-premise Sage X3 to a per-employee-per-month pricing model
  • Knowing Your Risk and Understanding Your Cost
    • What are the risks in moving Sage X3 to Cloud?
    • How to retain your investment (ROI)

Watch this session at your convenience about Cloud Hosted Sage X3 and the best Cloud Hosting option for your Sage X3.