Why You Need Lot Traceability for Your Food & Beverage Business

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The food and beverage industry has certain standards when it comes to keeping track of products. But when you’re talking about tracking thousands of products, the task becomes pretty difficult to manage. That’s why Sage X3 is a must-have for companies in this industry. With complete access to the history of every lot that’s been manufactured, you’ll always be ready for whatever challenges may come your way. Check out these specific ways Sage X3 can assist with lot traceability for the food and beverage industry.

Consumer Safety

Transparency has become more important than ever for food and beverage manufacturers. Consumers need to know that every product is safe, especially when the supply chain that allows that product to reach them is incredibly long. If a food safety issue does occur, you need to be prepared beforehand. This is a preventative measure that no food and beverage business can overlook.

Sage X3 assists with food safety concerns by allowing you to maintain complete visibility and transparency throughout the supply chain. In addition to providing peace of mind for business owners, it also protects the consumer if safety concerns arise. You can react promptly by finding any lot that needs to be recalled within minutes. The speed with which you react to such an issue can be make or break for your company, so getting software with excellent lot traceability helps to protect your business in the long run.

Operational Efficiency

Keeping tabs on hundreds or possibly even thousands of products produced each day is incredibly complex. But when you set up Sage ERP software to handle this task, everything is simplified on your end. The lot traceability function in this software ensures that every item is tracked from its point of origin all the way to its destination. That means that you can quickly pull up all of this pertinent information in just minutes.

This type of software stores important data in the cloud. This also helps to improve efficiency by making it easier for employees to communicate across departments without any critical information being lost along the way.


If you need to pinpoint which destinations a certain batch of products has reached, you can do so with a simple search in your software. The same goes for finding out the production date for a particular item. You can check which shipping vendor took your product from point A to point B.

With outdated tracking systems, you might spend hours looking for this information calling up vendors on the phone, going through paper records, or visiting a warehouse or distributor. Sage ERP solutions allow you to keep all of this data safely stored and conveniently organized in the cloud so you can access it anytime, anywhere. Whenever you need a report on any particular lot or product, you can get the accurate, detailed information you need quickly.

Don’t let subpar product tracking hold your company back in the market. Get the best lot traceability for your business by investing in Sage X3.