Why Your Competition is Killing Your
Customer Retention

By: | Category: CRM

I don’t know about you, but every time I call customer service for something I end up having to provide all of my information and give a five-minute monologue over the phone only to get transferred to someone new to do it all over again. It’s 2022. Hasn’t caller ID been out there since the 80’s?

At the very least, someone should know who I am and what I’ve ordered. You would think so, but the grim reality is that a lot of businesses have been sliding by without investing in their customers’ experiences . The days of making an initial sale and high fiving the person next to you with an ‘Our work is done here’ attitude is long gone.

We’re in a global market now. Everything is accessible and every business has a competitor. Consumers are savvy and those consumers are your customers. They are the winners in this digital economy, and we cannot ignore it. There are high standards created by this new world in which we live and although we are running businesses, we all have experience as a customer in some way or another. We must meet and hopefully exceed their expectations of customer service.

The fact of the matter is that everyone at your organization should know and have access to all your customer information in one place and instantly. No matter what the department, everyone is making sales at your company (or at least keeping them). Your customer service team is EVERYONE who ever interacts with your customers AND it should be driven by next generation technology and power.

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