Adobe Flash Player End of Life Impact on Sage X3

By: | Category: ERP

As previously announced in July 2017, Adobe will stop distributing and updating Flash Player after December 31, 2020.

All Sage X3 clients on versions prior to V11 will be impacted. After December 31, 2020, the next time the browsers are updated, clients will no longer be able to do the following:

  • Edit process flows
  • Edit graphical requesters
  • Use the CRM Calendar
  • Use any flash component embedded in a screen

This is a difficult event for Net at Work or Sage to prepare our clients for since browser updates are usually automatic.

What you should expect to experience

For clients on Sage X3 v11, Sage is releasing a patch (Syracuse patch + application hotfix) to replace the Flash components. Custom process flows and graphical requesters will be updated by the patches and you can continue to edit in the new technology (manual re-adjustments may be required). CRM Calendar will also be updated. You must be on P18 of V11.

Sage X3 Tips

For clients on Sage X3 v12, graphical requesters are already in HTML. P23 contains the new components to replace Flash for editing the process flows. CRM Calendar will also be updated. P24 will include additional functionality to process flows.

If you do not act on this information before the end of the year, the Flash components on the screen that you attempt to use (as outlined above) will show grey puzzle pieces in place of the old Flash components.  Not all the patches and information is available yet from Sage, but make sure to follow up with us in November at the latest to be covered for January 2021.

We will provide another blog post closer to the end of year with updates. Please contact us as soon as possible if you are concerned that the Flash EOL will negatively impact your operations and/or experience with Sage X3.