Choosing an ERP System Made Easy

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Choosing the right ERP/Accounting software is crucial to the success of your organization, which is why it is essential to have useful information in other to make the right decision.

In the 2017 edition of their annual Software Vendor Report, reviewed the Top 20 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to help inform the decision making process when trying to determine what ERP solution is the right fit for your unique business needs. The report includes detailed breakdowns of the different ERP modules, highlights of each system’s core features & standout capabilities and what business size and industries each vendor caters to.

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Choosing the Right ERP Solution: A look at Acumatica, NetSuite & Sage

Wondering how an ERP system can help your organization? Here are some of what an ERP solution can do for your company:

  • Add value to your organization by more efficiently monitoring and operating daily tasks.
  • Improve reporting capabilities.
  • Centralize many key elements of your production line, building a more productive and cost-effective business model.
  • Integrate data into a single location.
  • Improve customer service through faster, more accurate access to customers’ information and history.
  • Eliminate repetitive/overlapping activities by establishing a centralized database that effectively allocates resources.
  • Increase productivity and tighter budget control.

Net at Work offers system selection consulting services, business process reviews, as well as ongoing webinars and guides offering tips for choosing the right accounting/ERP software. For more information and help choosing an ERP solution, contact us.