Help! I've Opened Too Many Fiscal Periods
Using the Period Closing Utility in Sage X3

By: | Category: ERP

As featured on the Sage X3 Support channel on YouTube, there is a new video this week that discusses how to use the period closing utility (and some alternatives) in Sage X3 when you open too many periods.

Month-end closing and management of periods is a very hot topic for our clients.  The Net at Work Sage X3 Support Team is never busier than at the end of a month.

In this short support video from Sage, you can learn:

  • Why it matters if fiscal periods are open
  • What the fiscal period statuses are in Sage X3
  • How to use the period closing utility (UTICLOPER)
  • Available transaction parameter options for avoiding issues

What To Do If You Have Opened Too Many Fiscal Periods In Sage X3

The Net at Work financial team has developed a month close dashboard that is available to any of our clients (charges for installation may apply depending on version). To speak to one of our experts, please contact us.