HTML Email Enhancements in Sage X3 2023 R1

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The 2023 R1 release of Sage X3 has been available since June 1, 2023 and today we’re sharing a long-awaited enhancement – HTML emails.

Prior to this version of Sage X3, the automated emails were text based and not as good looking or modern as many of our clients would like.

Building on the changes we saw in Sage X3 2022 R4 release to include HTML in Crystal Reports, now in 2023 R1,  you can use HTML as the email text in workflow rules.

Sage X3 2023 R1

The previous editor (GESAWA):

Sage X3 2023 R1

New Sage X3 2023 R1 editor (GESAWA):

Sage X3 2023 R1

Note: This requires using the Notification server and does not work with the legacy email client meladx.  When applying rich text (HTML) formatting, any formatting change that covers an expression (formula) in the text needs to apply to the entire expression (formula) including the pipe separators (|) .

For more information on Sage X3 2023 R1, please contact your Net at Work account manager.