AP Automation and Approval Workflow Built
for Sage X3

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X3CloudDocs automates the accounts payable invoice process through a dedicated workflow. The financial record of the invoice is automatically created in Sage X3, with the original document being securely stored in the cloud. Unlike a manual process, X3CloudDocs provides full control, auditability and traceability. This digital transformation for your finance department provides instant cost savings and incredibly quick ROI.


Mysoft has partnered with a world-class OCR engine to fully integrate the Purchase Invoice automation into the Sage X3 workflow. The key functional workflow for the process is outlined below, however the overall functional areas addressed are:

  • Receive invoices from a variety of sources (email, drag and drop, folder automation)
  • Inbound purchase invoice OCR (header and line level)
  • GL Coding
  • Automated or manual
  • Automatic invoice creation in Sage X3
  • Purchase and Supplier BP Invoices, as appropriate
  • View the invoice image held in X3 Cloud Docs from Sage X3
  • PO & Invoice (2 way) and PO, Receipt, & Invoice (3 way) matching
  • Workflow notifications
  • Invoice approvals
  • Secure storage of invoices
  • Multi-Currency
  • Documents validated against Sage X3 data
  • Advanced learning capabilities
  • 1.2 X3 Cloud Docs Automated

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