A Look at Document Management Disaster Recovery: Prepare for the Worst with the Best

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Do you have a disaster recovery plan you feel good about? In today’s data-driven world, it’s important that your answer to that question is yes!

The average office employee in the United States handles 10,000 physical sheets of paper each year. Those sheets each represent unique opportunities for data to be lost or left in the wrong hands. With a document management solution in place, however, your business critical files will be stored securely. For example, you can grant specific security rights to users. Permissions are given per user to documents and data and can be filtered through any number of criteria including company, department, document type, or document property values. The solution will track document histories as well. This way, if a mistake is made, you can easily find out how and when it happened.

This security and ease of access would benefit any department

Think of Human Resources, for instance, and how that department must retain past and present employee files for a set number of years before destroying them. Or consider Accounts Payable, with your customers’ credit card and billing information available in the office.

What about security threats of other sorts?

Disasters that damage years of paper files remind companies just how vital it is to be prepared ahead of time. With a document management solution, you will not have to put your business on hold should misfortune strike. Instead of searching for, recreating, or sorting through important data, you and your team can carry on as usual.

Why not prepare for the worst with the best solution for your company?

Find a solution built on up-to-date standards. Look at a solution integrated to your ERP in such a way that when newer versions of your ERP products are released, your document management provider will have already prepared for the changes. This will give you peace of mind and make the lives of your employees much easier.

On-Demand Webinar

DocLink Document Management for Sage: Disaster Recovery

In this recorded webinar we will look at how Sage-endorsed document management solution DocLink by Altec ensures data security and disaster recovery.

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