How Document Managment Can Help You Communicate Better

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Most agree that clear communication is key to success – as a leader, coworker, friend, spouse, and parent. That good communication is also the key to successful relationships with your customers and vendors. Just as relationship experts suggest you ask your partner how they prefers to communicate, so too should you ask your customers how they prefer to communicate. Some may want phone calls, while others request emails or faxes.

Communication with Customers and Vendors

Are you communicating with customers and vendors clearly, professionally, and in a timely manner? Document management can help with all of the above.

With a document management solution integrated to your ERP, you are granted the flexibility to specify what is distributed to whom as well as how and when. You can use your solution to automate the distribution of a document – and its associated files – to individual recipients. This ensures that you not only keep up with necessary communications but even stay ahead.

Sending Documents in Different Formats

Not all vendors or customers ask that you send documents to them in the same format. This can make life difficult as you manually customize each process based on the person you’re dealing with. Instead, you can use software such as Sage endorsed solution Doclink to message recipients in their preferred method, whether that is email, fax, FTP, etc.

Accounts Receivables (AR)

One popular use of this automated output is in Accounts Receivables (AR), as AR employees can capture and send AR invoices and statements quickly, along with the signed delivery receipt and customer PO. By automating collections, you improve cash flow, increase customer satisfaction, control receivables and invoices, expedite DSO and inbound cash, and lower your costs (as you no longer print and mail nor waste employee hours manually searching for documents to attach to emails).

Uses are not limited to Accounts Receivables. Anyone who routinely distributes any sort of document can benefit from automated delivery. Plus, you can utilize templates to customize the look and feel of your automated emails or take advantage of cover sheets to accompany your faxes.

Recorded Webinar

DocLink for Sage: Output Manager – Automate Document Delivery to Customers & Vendors

– With this Sage endorsed solution, you can streamline the document delivery process based on preconfigured routing rules.

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