Technology Advisor Net at Work Fills the Cloud ERP Needs of Sonic Packaging with NetSuite

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For more than 26 years, Sonic Packaging Industries has been designing custom packaging solutions for customers across a wide variety of industries. Known for their out-of-the-box thinking, Sonic Packaging has built a reputation for creating and delivering inventive and functional product packaging as a turnkey solution. This business model requires all the capabilities of a high-tech process manufacturer, plus high levels of flexibility and agility. 

Harry Paulison, who joined Sonic Packaging as the company’s new COO, was tasked with implementing a cloud-based, next-generation ERP solution that the company could build its future on. “We were operating with a whole conglomeration of disconnected applications,” Paulison recalls. “We had QuickBooks for accounting, a separate CRM application supporting sales, and no production support. The company ran on spreadsheets and the vast institutional knowledge of its employees.”

The Go-to Technology Advisor

Paulison brought in the Net at Work, a technology advisor to small-and-medium-sized organizations, that provides extensive services to support the ongoing technology initiatives of organizations – from software selection and implementation through managed IT and Fractional CIO & Advisory services. “I immediately thought of Net at Work,” Paulison says. “I’ve worked with them before, and know they are the best in the business. Solving challenges like those Sonic was facing is what they live for.” 

Net at Work completed a thorough assessment of Sonic Packaging’s business needs, focusing on their need to be able to scale operations efficiently as well as their need for advanced production capabilities, robust sales enablement tools, and data analysis capabilities. Working together, the management team at Sonic Packaging ultimately chose NetSuite as their next-generation ERP solution, largely because it brings together all the capabilities Sonic Packaging needs in a single system, plus it allows for extensive configuration and customization. Sonic Packaging continues to partner with Net at Work for support, training and specific system projects as they optimize and refine the use oftheir new cloud ERP.

Elevating Operations and Empowering People

Thanks to careful pre-planning and project management, Sonic Packaging’s implementation of NetSuite successfully went live within six months.

“Net at Work really kept the project focused and on track,” Paulison says. “As a result, we were fully operational from day one.” 

Now Sonic Packaging operates with a customizable Next-Generation ERP solution that will support their growth initiatives for many years, with benefits such as: 

  • Optimized, custom processes within one cloud business management solution 
  • The elimination of duplicate data entry  
  • Automated workflows and approvals that provide compliance with Sonic Packaging’s Quality Management System and Risk Management review process 
  • Targeted software modifications from CRM through financials to provide visibility at every step

These and other process improvements have not only elevated Sonic Packaging’s operations, but they’ve also granted the company’s employees time to deal with spikes in business, and to begin thinking about how to further optimize NetSuite for the company’s changing needs. Says Paulison, “With Net at Work’s help, we’ve connected the islands and built bridges for data sharing and collaboration that help us continue to improve and grow.”

Download this Net at Work success story case study to learn more about Sonic Packaging’s transition to NetSuite.