ERP: The Backbone of the Customer Experience

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Customer centricity is unsurprisingly becoming the norm in today’s B2C and B2B space as more businesses are realizing they need to adopt a customer centric approach in order to remain competitive.

Companies like Amazon have made the consumerization of B2B a demand that businesses can no longer ignore. B2B buyers come with expectations that their buying experience is going to be easy and intuitive. To ignore this expectation is to risk losing customers to a competitor like Amazon who has moved into the B2B space and has now become a major competitor for manufacturers and wholesale distributors.

Yet many manufacturers and distributors are not investing enough in improving their customer experience and are stuck in a routine that results in a series of critical disconnects that impede customer experience and thwart cost reduction such as, decentralized data, fractured view of customers, lack of end-to-end supply chain insights, limited or no ecommerce options, and insufficient customer engagement. Staying competitive calls for increasingly rethinking your business strategies and staying ahead of consumers expectations, which is all tied to your ERP system.


ERP: The Key to the Customer Experience

Great customer service relies on the ability to harness customer insight that can help your business deliver an excellent customer experience at every point. No wonder ERP is dubbed the backbone of customer experience. A fully integrated ERP system is highly correlated with successful customer service and retention. Having all your systems on one platform creates efficiencies and opportunities to provide more value for your customers and engender loyalty. Savvy distributors and manufacturers see the importance of making processes seamless and are leveraging ERP to influence customer experience.

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