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Integrated Payment Processing for Sage ERP

Sage ERP Credit Card Processing powered by Sage Payment Solutions (SPS) provides Sage ERP customers the benefits of integrated credit purchase processing from a single vendor. And having payment processing in-house with SPS enables Sage to pass savings on to…


Sage MAS 500 v7.4: Digging Deeper Into Inventory Calculations

Upgrading your Sage ERP MAS 500 system can be time consuming, costly, and disruptive. In this post, we dig a little deeper into the Version 7.4 enhancements relating to inventory calculations. We think you will find these new capabilities compelling…

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2011 Tax Related Change for Sage ERP MAS 500

For the tax year 2011, there were required government changes to the 1099 form layout. Sage has made a standalone product update available for these changes. This update is available for Sage ERP MAS 500 versions 7.2 and higher, and…


SM-Plus Service Management Software for MAS 500 ERP

For companies who manufacture, sell, install, or service technical or industrial products, a specialized software solution is essential. Single Source Systems offers SM-Plus, a tightly integrated Gold level Endorsed Solution for Sage ERP MAS 500 customers. SM-Plus can help your…


Sage Software Online – Are You Using the FREE Valuable Tools You Already Own?

As a customer on a Sage ERP MAS maintenance plan, you have 24X7 access to Sage Software Online (SSO). This self-service tool is your place to get critical information to maintain your Sage investment and it has the same fast,…


Sage MAS 500 Product Roadmap Update

The Sage ERP MAS 500 Product Update 1 download now is available. This release includes useful enhancements, some of which are being made available for both Version 7.3 and Version 7.4. Here we cover the features of Product Update 1…


Sage Software Product Rebranding Update | Sage Rebranding

As was announced this summer at Sage Summit, many of Sage Software’s Accounting / ERP product names such as MAS 90, MAS 200, MAS 500, Accpac and Peachtree, as well as Abra HRMS, will be renamed under a major rebranding…


Sage Pro Migration News from Sage Summit

Last week, Sage Software hosted many of our Customers, Business Partners and our Net at Work team in the first combined Business Partner & Customer Event in Washington DC called Sage Summit.  The Sage Pro Migration team from Net at…


Productivity Enhancements For MAS 500

Successful business owners and operators are always looking to increase productivity and improve efficiency in their organizations. Fortunately, there are ease of use applications that allow users to rapidly capture additional data throughout their entire MAS 500 system just the…


New Features in Sage MAS 500 Version 7.4

Sage MAS 500 ERP Version 7.4 is scheduled for release this summer. In our last post on 7.4, we reviewed the extensive enhancements for Advanced Manufacturing and Accounts Receivable that are included in this release. In this post, we highlight…


MAS 500 Tips And Tricks: Making Global Changes In Inventory

Sometimes you may want to change the way your inventory is organized in the Sage ERP MAS 500 Inventory Management module. Here we provide some tips for the use of the Global Item or Global Inventory Change Utility task. The…


Fully Integrated Credit Card Processing with Sage ERP

With Sage Payment Processing powered by Sage Exchange, you can now have the convenience of credit card processing fully integrated with your Sage ERP system, and the peace of mind of knowing that sensitive data is stored in compliance with…


Small Business Intelligence Tools – BI or BS

I remember when I saw Business Intelligence (BI) for the first time. It had to be 8-9 years ago, at a fancy event in a NY Hotel sponsored by Crystal Decisions the maker of Crystal Reports. It was right around…


Accounts Receivable and Collections Made Easy with Anytime Collect for Sage MAS ERP

Accounts Receivable is the largest or second-largest asset of most businesses. Significant cash is tied up in AR, generating associated financing or opportunity costs.  At the same time customers are paying more slowly or defaulting due to economic conditions and…

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