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Help! I’ve Opened Too Many Fiscal Periods – Using the Period Closing Utility in Sage X3

As featured on the Sage X3 Support channel on YouTube, there is a new video this week that discusses how to use the period closing utility (and some alternatives) in Sage X3 when you open too many periods. Month-end closing…


How Multi-Factor Authentication Protects Against Cyber Threats

Passwords are a common form of confirming a user’s identity in the computing industry. Passwords have been around for decades.  The problem with using passwords for authentication is that they can be cracked. Anyone who knows your password can gain…

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Xchange Rate Connector for Sage X3 – Sync Exchange Rates Directly into Sage X3

Does your business sell or purchase goods in foreign markets? Managing multiple currencies can be a daunting task for most global companies. The process typically involves manual exchange rate entries into your ERP system which can be both time-consuming and…


Moving a Custom Auto Journal to a New Home

Do you have a custom auto journal that you would like to move from your test environment to your production environment? Are you dreading the time-consuming task of manually keying it in production? And do you fear making a mistake?…


Multi-Legislation ERP – Managing Global Tax Structures in Sage X3

Business expansion into foreign markets is a complex, expensive process with many challenges. From ensuring you have the financial resources not only for initial investment, but for sustainable growth to navigating political and cultural differences, enduring exchange rate fluctuations, and…


How to Setup a Default Date Range for Reports in Sage X3

If you regularly run reports in Sage X3 with the same date ranges, creating a default date range for reports and inquiries can save you time and minimize the risk of errors from manual data entry. You can always override…


Additional Changes Coming to Sage Knowledgebase for Sage X3

Soon Sage Knowledgebase (Sage KB) will be getting an upgrade. In early September you may notice a new URL when you access Sage Knowledgebase (Sage KB) for Sage X3, and we want to assure you it’s still part of the…


Potential Security Vulnerability for Sage X3

Sage takes the security of its customer solutions extremely seriously and regularly releases hotfixes to Sage X3 to resolve potential vulnerabilities. You have likely seen in the news that Sage has released patches for a recent vulnerability that was identified…


Visual Process Flows (VPFs) in Sage X3

For clients using recent releases of Sage X3, Net at Work offers a suite of Visual Process Flows (VPFs) as part of our Sage X3 Xperience Service Plans. VPFs, like the ones below, can improve your team’s user experience with…

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